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      Properties Of Textile Modified Materials

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      Nylon MC, also known Casts nylon,As a kind of Engineering plastics,It has many advantages,There is a wide range of applicability.

      Textile nylon rotor

      1, the quality of light cast nylon density in general 1.15-1.16,Is steel 7.8 1/7,Copper 8.9 1/8,Alloy aluminum 2.7 1/2.5.Due to light quality,When used as textile machinery materials,Can reduce unnecessary strength and power parts,And can reduce the inertia of motion,Handling and maintenance is also convenient,Light。

      Non core spindle chuck


      The noise is small and the mold of nylon is much smaller than that of metal,

      The vibration attenuation ratio of steel to several times,Absorptive function.Therefore, the production of nylon gear,Wheel time,Small noise is an economical and practical way to prevent mechanical noise.For example: cast nylon gear can reduce noise 10-15 DB than copper gear.

      Spindle gear belt machine parts


      Good mechanical properties and high mechanical strength,Good toughness,

      Impact resistance,Fatigue resistance.The casting nylon is crystallized at the melting point (220 degrees),Large molecular weight,Therefore, the mechanical strength is much larger than that of ordinary nylon 6 and nylon 66,Especially, it has good creep resistance,So can bear the heavy load of the bearing for a long time.

      D7 nylon gear


      Good rebound molding nylon products can make the curved surface without permanent deformation,This will maintain the toughness to withstand the fracture due to repeated impact loads.This is very important for high impact loads.

      Glass fiber nylon shuttle

      5、Wear resistance and self-lubricating properties of cast nylon products in general light load,Low speed case when used,Can not add lubricant.Nylon wear is characterized by slight wear at the beginning of use,After a period of running in wear,Unlike metal materials,With the increase in the use of time,

      Wear is also proportional to the increase.

      Nylon accessories for heavy canvas loom

      In addition,The friction coefficient of casting nylon is also very small,

      Unit area pressure in the range of 0.98-6.87Mpa,The friction coefficient is 0.3-0.4.And because the hardness of the cast nylon is much smaller than the metal,So it is not easy to damage the grinding parts,This pair is used to make the roller,Bearing、Axle sleeve、Wheel,Wheel liner,And so is very favorable.

      Stainless steel Huoling

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