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      Textile Machinery Parts And Equipment Appreciation

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        Xinxiang Xinda Textile accessories has long been engaged in the production and sales of textile machinery accessories and equipment. It provides thousands of products, including textile hardware, textile castings, ceramic accessories and wood products accessories (including compression processing). The following are the product drawings customized by customers in our unit. The detailed parameters are for your reference and study!

      Square hole stainless steel heald

        Cord fabric (tire ply) steel heald, also known as stainless steel heald

      Threaded disc 600mm

        Thread disc processing

      Rapier warp shaft disc

        Wooden plug (cross head) for heald frame of dobby loom

      Loom heald frame accessories

        Hand loom metal (seamless flat tube) heald frame, spring hook type

      Shuttle loom accessories shuttle and leather knot

        Laminated wood shuttle, different from ordinary oil immersed compressed wood shuttle, has the advantages of higher density, but poor stability and easy to crack after long-term storage!

      Multi arm aluminum alloy heald frame

        Loom aluminum alloy heald frame

      Nylon shuttle shaft of loom

        It is matched with the laminated wooden shuttle, with an outer diameter of 7mm and a strip steel core

      3207x3208 nylon copper sleeve

        Nylon handle bearing bush

      Various textile machinery accessories wood shuttle collection

        Brand wood shuttle processing

      Heavy duty woven blanket nylon shuttle

        Heavy nylon blanket shuttle

      Stainless steel cord heald

          Single steel wire nickel plated steel wire heald

      Textile three tooth comb

        Round hole three tooth porcelain comb (yarn guide device accessories)

      Textile machinery accessories (p62 shuttle)

        P62  Picker leather knot (shed knot) of automatic silk changing loom

      Sack loom shuttle

        Semi finished products of sack loom shuttle

      Loom reed frame

        1515 loom reed frame wood processing

      Pull down hook on Taiwan dobby Loom

        Drawing of upper and lower hook of Dobby

      Warp shaft coil of loom

        Warp tube (coil) for weaving shaft of loom

      Glass fiber nylon shuttle

        Glass fiber nylon shuttle, 343mm long, 45mm wide at the bottom and 35.2mm high

      Textile wood shuttle processing semi-finished products

        Semi finished products of red steel paper wood shuttle

      Heald eye of big eye wire heald

        Inner diameter of sliding wire ring (Huasi ring) of wire heald

      Leather knot and leather ring of cowhide

        Buffer ring and shuttle knot r of cowhide

      Dobby heald frame fitting TD-4 hook

        Hook td-4 of aluminum alloy heald frame

      11 small skin knot

        Silk loom leather knot (shuttle knot)

      Textile machinery accessories tension plate porcelain

        Alumina tensile porcelain (tensile disc)

      Manual wood weaving machine

        Hand loom (old coarse loom, wood)

      550mm warp shaft disc of loom

        Textile machinery accessories - loom disc customized!

      Porcelain pipe textile accessories

        Textile machine auxiliary equipment - porcelain cylinder, porcelain pipe base

      Textile machinery accessories small head wood shuttle processing

        Wood shuttle with small shuttle head (laminated wood and compressed wood)

      850mm picking stick

        Loom shuttle beating rod (hereinafter referred to as beating rod,picking stick)

      Loom Warp disc details

        Processing of special-shaped warp shaft disc of loom

      Wooden winding pipe

        Winding tube for photoelectric shuttle

      405mm coreless nylon shuttle

        Textile hardware equipment (monofilament heald)

      235mm weft tube

        Weft tube with length of 23.5 cm

      Silk loom wood shuttle processing factory

        Wood shuttle of silk loom

      Photoelectric coreless sonilon shuttle (all kinds of textile machinery accessories)

        Coreless nylon shuttle

      Loom twill tread 6104 peach disc

        Twill peach plate (tread plate)

        The above is the picture of some customized products of textile machinery accessories and equipment of our company. There are many types of textile machinery accessories and the manufacturing process and process are complex. Through our continuous efforts, we have met the needs of different customers at home and abroad to a certain extent, and established our own brand image. We adhere to "honest management" as the foundation of survival, Adhering to the belief of "pursuing specificity and achieving professionalism", we wholeheartedly provide good products and services for new and old customers at home and abroad!

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