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      1511M type Automatic Loom Introduction

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        First, the use and scope of use

      1511M looms are mainly used for weaving plain cotton and blended fabrics, such as the installation of various kinds of twill or dobby lifting devices, which can be used to weave twill or weave more complex fabrics.

      Two, technical characteristics

      1, the type of hammer stop, automatic change shuttle type.

      2, hand to the left hand car and right hand car. Left handed to drive the machine

      3, reed width of 105 cm (nominal reed 44 inches), 110 cm (nominal reed 46 inches), 120 cm (nominal reed 50 inches), 125 cm (nominal reed 52 inches).

      4, crank shaft (bend axis) speed 180~220 turn / min (105~110 cm loom), 170~210 RPM / 120-125 cm loom.

      44 loom factory

      5, the width of 1074mm beam spacing disc (44 inch loom), 1125mm (46 inch loom), 1226mm (50 inch loom), 1277mm (52 Inch loom).

      6, full cloth roller diameter 222mm

      7 、 motor speed 960 rev / min.

      8, motor type FO53-6, power 0.8 kilowatts (loom motor to 0.8KW in the majority)

      9, machine size, width: 2336mm (44 inch loom), 2387mm (46 inch loom), 2488mm (50 inch loom), 2539mm (52 Inch loom); depth: 1428mm; high: 1295mm.

      1511 Loom shuttle magazine

      10. The weight of the machine is about 830KG (44 inch loom), 840KG (46 inch loom), 860KG (50 inch loom) and 880KG (52 Inch loom). Plain tread loom (excluding motor).

      11, drive mode, single motor V-belt drive. A1700

      12. The feeding mechanism is semi active and semi negative type automatic feeding.

      13 、 broken stop device, menopause machine, menopause.

      14, shedding mechanism type, inner disc, top roller, heald heald openings.

      15 、 throwing the shuttle under the type of throwing mechanism.

      16 、 beating mechanism type crank connecting rod type.

      17 、 warp protection device, reed type.

      1511-44 Loom throwing device18 、 take-up mechanism type seven gear intermittent type.

      19. Self stopping device for weft breaking, weft cam control, side weft fork.

      20, weft filling device automatically change shuttle type.

      From "1511 type automatic loom preservation atlas"  

      1511M Type_Hand loom for weaving machine

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