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      Textile Picker and Buffer
      P106 Picker,Textile P106R Loom Picker
      P106 Picker,Textile P106R Loom Picker time:2022-07-07 10:43:23 click:6868 keywords:picker,P106 picker,loom picker

      P106 loom picker,textile picker P106R,shuttle loom pickers accessories,P106 loom knot parameters:length 94 mm,width 25 mm,height 28 mm,color:red brown,P106R shuttle loom picker,mainly used for shuttle loom throwing device,impact shuttle flight,provide shuttle throwing force transmission,according to the requirements of the knot needs good elasticity,to ensure that the power loss during shuttle throwing.

      P106R pickers

      (94mm*25mm*28mm), picker material: rubber + canvas,intermediate skin tongue (abbreviated as skin tongue) and skin knot into one,no rivet fixed,canvas and rubber layered stacked,with good wear resistance,large elasticity,wide upper and lower inner cavity,narrow middle position,so designed space for swinging shuttle board left and right,bottom plane for sliding.

      P106 picking knot

      P106R picking knot side effect map,product packaging:cartons,200 per box,starting order:more than 1000 pcs,textile machine rubber equipment,shuttle machine accessories,textile pickers R parts processing customized - Xinda.

      P106R textile pickers

      The shuttle position of P106 skin knot is in line with the shape of shuttle tip and the height is on the same horizontal central line.Installation operation:Pull the leather ring and the shuttle rod outward,and the outer edge of the skin P106R is 6mm-10mm away from the outer edge of the shuttle box bottom plate.

      P106 loom picker

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