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      Textile Picker and Buffer
      All Kinds Multi-shuttle Loom Pickers
      All Kinds Multi-shuttle Loom Pickers time:2022-07-07 10:43:30 click:10613 keywords:multi picker,loom picker,picker

      All kinds of textile multi-shuttle pickers equipment,B3-1 high polymer multi-shuttle knot,1515-2408A,H213 white shuttle loom picker,P101P,B12-2 textile plastic knot,etc.The products are produced and processed with reinforced polymer modified materials.The knot used in textile machine is used in various dobby multi-shuttle looms at home and abroad.

      Multi-shuttle pickers R of textile machine

      1515-2408A multi-shuttle throwing knot,shape size: 112 mm long, 92 mm wide, 28 mm thick (sliding part), 24 mm (throwing part), the size of middle throwing rod hole: 65 mm*12.5 mm,axis hole diameter 13 mm.

      Textile multi-shuttle knot

      B3-1 textile picker shape size (parameters): 118 mm long,78.4 mm wide,13 mm thickness at the edge of the shuttle,13 mm thickness at the sliding part,37 mm*10.7 mm hollow size,15 mm inner diameter of the shaft hole.

      Picking knot of multi-shuttle loom

      H 213 wool loom multi-shuttle skin knot size: 118 mm long,110 mm wide, impact point: 48 mm long,21.5 mm thick,hollow space parameters: 60 mm long * 17.5 mm wide.

      H213Skin Knot Side Diagram of Multi-shuttle Loom

      The size of B12-2 multi-shuttle throwing knot is 71 mm long,80 mm wide,21 mm thick at sliding point and 51 mm * 22 mm * 27 mm long at throwing point.

      Multi-shuttle picker jacket

      The multi-shuttle loom pickers inner sleeve produced abroad (Southeast Asia) adopts the internal rotation type,and the moulds used in domestic production and processing are mostly designed as one.The color of the multi-shuttle knot is mostly white.The function of the multi-shuttle knot in textile is mainly to slide back and forth on the sliding shaft,which realizes the shuttle-throwing and shuttle-blocking effect in turn.The characteristics of the material will affect the service life and noise level of the product.

      1515 multi-shuttle loom picker

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