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      Shuttle Loom F216 Brake Wheel Fitting
      Shuttle Loom F216 Brake Wheel Fitting time:2022-08-08 17:16:54 click:3597 keywords:Brake Wheel, Loom F216, Loom Accessories

      Our company provide the inner hole diameter for 38 mm loom F216 brake wheel parts, wheel brake wheel and temples temple, is used to loom by working through the brake to stop state, the circular plane by a belt of asbestos screen braking friction to implement this action, material: HT15 33 or ductile iron (red), textile brake wheel accessories, loom - xin da textile accessories for brake parts.

      Textile brake disc

      Inner hole diameter: 38mm, machining surface diameter 342mm, the product is generally designed with 5 reinforcing bars, to ensure that the friction response force of the product is sufficient after the brake system is started at high speed. The keyway is 12mm, fixed on the crank shaft of the loom with flat keys, the length of which is 50mm, and the appearance of two plane slopes. 

      shuttle loom parts F216 brake wheel

      Loom F216 brake wheel keyway, disk surface is not allowed to crack and break the tendon is not adjacent to two. Brake wheel processing, loom F216 production, loom parts wholesale supplier - xinda. The textile brake wheel, clutch and triangle belt disc are the main parts of the transmission of the loom.

      F216 Brake disc

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