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      GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts
      GA615 Gear Fittings for Double Beam Loom
      GA615 Gear Fittings for Double Beam Loom time:2022-08-07 16:35:23 click:5922 keywords:double beam loom,GA615 loom,loom gear

      GA615 gear fittings of double beam loom, milling teeth pedal shaft gear, spindle transmission gear of textile, shuttle loom fittings, material HT15-33, products are divided into casting teeth and milling teeth, teeth: 72 teeth and 76 teeth, corresponding crankshaft gears D7, 3210 (36 teeth) and 38 teeth, double beam shuttle loom fittings products, old double beam loom fittings processing wholesale.

      Textile Machine Gear 3210

      Loom pedal, shuttle tray, crankshaft gear box packing diagram, green for pig iron casting, red for manganese steel nodular iron, old-fashioned double beam loom accessories, GA615 double beam loom gear. Modulus 6.3. Outer diameter is calculated according to formula (number of teeth + 2) X modulus = gear diameter.

      E2 Textile Accessories for Pedal Shaft Gears

      GA615 double beam loom is improved on the basis of 1515 and 1515K looms. Most of the accessories are borrowed from 1515 loom, and the reed, shuttle box and shuttle throwing parts are improved.

      Weaving Machinery Parts E2

      Textile machine big cone E2 (72 teeth and 76 teeth), professional GA615 loom accessories supplier, pig iron sand casting processing, GA615-0202 (76 teeth) and 3301 connection use.

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