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      GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts
      Ga615 Fixed Foot of Textile Shuttle Board
      Ga615 Fixed Foot of Textile Shuttle Board time:2022-08-07 16:40:10 click:7420 keywords:Shuttle Stick,Textile,Shuttle Board,GA615

      Ga615 textile shuttle plate fixing foot, retrofitting parts of pull-belt loom.Material: HT15-33, three-hole arrangement,double-hole arrangement, textile parts,brand shuttle machine iron castings,textile sand Turning Blank processing,F14A,F15B,F14C,products and textile accessories F18 or F18A connection use.

      Three-eyes shuttle cap for loom parts

      Above is a three-hole sequential shuttle rod cap. It is mainly used in the shuttle-throwing part of the loom. It has good stability and weighs about 1.85KG for textile machinery parts.

      Gatling cap of GA615 loom

      Formula 14C and Formula 15C of common specifications, double holes, products are mainly used for weaving ordinary cotton looms, color red, single weight of about 1.5KG, 5 pieces/string, materials: nodular iron (mixture of gray iron and manganese steel).

      Three-hole Textile Fittings F14

      We are a wholesale supplier of GA615 shuttle loom accessories processing, with a minimum order of more than 50 products. Please contact Manager Yang for detailed delivery time.

      F14C weaving machinery parts

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