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      GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts
      Heald Frame Parts Adjusting Nut Fittings
      Heald Frame Parts Adjusting Nut Fittings time:2022-08-07 16:54:34 click:5624 keywords:heald frame, Textile heald frame,Heddle fittings

      Our company specializes in providing a variety of shuttle heald frame accessories,textile heald frame parts,hoist adjusting nut accessories,M33,M42 and M00-3 upper hook,M41 lower hook,hook accessories are mainly used for loom heddle lifting and fabric opening,material is divided into cast iron and A3 forging welding,M33 total length 68 mm,M42 length 102 mm,M41 length 146 mm,M00-4 lower hoist screw length 120 mm.

      Textile heald frame fittings M33

      GA615-M33B,with M00-3,M34 hanging hook screw to form the hanging hook,installed in the beam of the loom;

      M42 Flower Basket for Loom Heave Fittings

      GA615-M42 and M41,M00-4 constitute the lower hoist hook,which is installed in the tread position of the loom and connected with the palm bar to pull up the heald frame.

      Textile accessory M41 hook

      GA615-M41A lower suspension pedal hook,M10 inverted teeth,material: steel 20,length 146 mm,used in connection with M42.Each loom uses four pieces.

      M00-3 Textile Accessories Hanging Hook

      M00-3 upper hook,SZ6312-M006-32,abbreviated as upper hook,screw 8 inverted, material steel 20,hook material A3,screw and hook welded to form M00-3.

      M42 Loom Hanging Heddle Basket

      Textile heald frame hook adjusting nut accessories,Textile heald frame parts and frame hook adjusting nut fittings - Xinda textile accessories provided!

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