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      GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts
      Shuttle Loom Crankshaft And Cambered Axle
      Shuttle Loom Crankshaft And Cambered Axle time:2022-08-07 17:12:04 click:8846 keywords:cambered axle,loom crankshaft,textile cambered axle

      Our company provides crankshaft of all kinds of looms, shuttle loom Crankshaft and textile cambered axle,bent shaft 3209 of 1515 textile machine, crankshaft accessories of textile machine, material 16 manganese or steel 45,1511-56 single beam loom to refit crankshaft, crankshaft of 1515 loom mainly completes reed front and back movement through rotating traction, thus reflecting reed beat weft into fabric surface.

      1515 Loom Crankshaft Textile Accessories

      The crankshaft of 1515 loom has a diameter of 40 mm, and its length varies according to the width of the loom door. The total length of the bent shaft of 56 inch loom (1350 mm loom) is 2422 mm; the crankshaft length of 63 inch loom (door width 1500mm) is 2596 mm; the crankshaft length of 67 inch loom (door width 1600 mm) is 2698 mm; and the length of 75 inch loom (door width 1800 mm) is 2901 mm.

      75 Loom Crankshaft (Bending Shaft)

      Inspection of bending axle: the left and right position of bending axle is in the middle (same as the spacing between inside and outside of spherical bearing), the horizontal movement is 0.1-0.4 mm, flexible (no triangular pulley, clutch, bending axle crank can fall freely and exceed the lower center of the crankshaft at 45 position behind the upper and front centers). During the rotation process, observe whether its running track is normal or not. When empty car test, temperature rise is not allowed at the connecting position with the loom. It is higher than 15 degrees.

      1515 Bend Shaft Textile Accessories

      1515 Loom Crankshaft Textile Machine Bend Shaft and Crank Shaft, Bend Shaft, Loom Bend Shaft, Crank Shaft Products are divided into left-handed shaft and right-handed shaft, some customers can also be installed in reverse, but need to replace 3211 Crank Shaft Cam as backhand, shuttle loom Crankshaft and textile cambered axle,other instructions about the product can be linked - Xinda Textile accessories.

      Loom Bending Shaft

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