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      GA615 Shuttle Loom Parts
      Loom Wallboard, Rear Bracket (Backboard)
      Loom Wallboard, Rear Bracket (Backboard) time:2022-08-07 17:30:11 click:1302 keywords:Wallboard,loom wallboard,back wallboard,loom bracket

      Our company provides GA615-4100-5 back rod support foot (back wall panel), type 1515 3400-6 loom wall panel, the gap between back rod support foot and tension back rod 3403 is ≤0.6mm, and the distance from the upper edge of the loom wall panel 4301X4302 is determined by the process regulation. The product material is cast iron, the color is green, and it is composed of 3439 and 3401B or 3402B.

      Textile accessories rear wall panel 3400-6

      The figure above is a physical shot of the backboard of the loom. The 1515 type is divided into 3400-5 and 3400-6 specifications, which are respectively located on the back side of the backboard of the loom. Each is inlaid with 2 3439 bushing respectively.

      The back panel of the loom

      The outer diameter of ga615-3439 oil-bearing shaft lining is 36mm, the diameter of the inner hole is 30mm, the material is iron based (powder metallurgy), about the length of the rocker bar (tension bar) of the loom: ga615-135 is 1874mm, ga615-150 is 2048mm, the total length of the 75-inch tension bar is 2353mm, its abrasion ≤0.4mm, contact gap with the back wall plate ≤0.2mm, bending ≤0.2mm.

      Textile accessories rear wall panel

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