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      Textile Equipment
      Textile Reed Equipment,Hand-loom Reeds
      Textile Reed Equipment,Hand-loom Reeds time:2022-08-08 17:20:06 click:4642 keywords:Textile Equipment, Textile Reed,Reed

      The reed is a type of textile equipment which includes loom equipment and spinning equipment. Textile reed is mainly used for sorting and arranging warp yarns, Textile Reed Equipment,Hand-loom Reeds,we can make steel reed of corresponding size and density according to the number of warp yarns, textile equipment products are widely used, generally for fragile hardware and rubber products on loom, they wear fast due to their frequent movement or use on textile machine.

      Reed of national hand loom

      Textile equipment textile reed [is] by four semicircle batten clamping reed wire, nylon wire winding on the fringes of the wood and wood tied tightly reed and reed liang and beam lateral through tooth length is generally between 3 mm to 8 mm, handmade wooden looms as the reed groove depth, generally use 5-8 mm through tooth to ensure reed will not slip or swing.

      Loom reed

      Textile equipment is classified according to materials: it generally includes textile hardware equipment, textile rubber equipment, textile wood equipment, textile leather equipment, textile original equipment (bristle, rabbit hair, etc.). The diversity of products provides rich application space and market for the upgrading of looms. We insist on textile reed production for 20 years, with complete production technology and process, rich production experience, wide processing range, stable product quality, production process is strictly prohibited to cut corners.

      Manual steel buckle processing

      The above picture shows the handmade textile reeds used by ethnic minorities in weaving. Due to the insufficient power of hand-woven fabrics, the reed of steel reeds is usually used for processing with thin reed teeth, and the yarn opening is convenient. The professional textile equipment [textile reed] is customized.

      Hand reed factory

      Wholesale reed: more than 1000 pieces, moq: more than 200 pieces with the same specification density, there are shuttle textile equipment [textile reed] processing wholesale supply manufacturers - xinda textile accessories wholeheartedly welcome your consultation.

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