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      Textile Hardware And Tools
      Multi Eyes Steel Wire Heald
      Multi Eyes Steel Wire Heald time:2022-07-07 10:43:05 click:11010 keywords:multi eyes,steel wire heald,textile equipment

      We can make the length of 2.5 meters below the general specifications of multi eyes steel wire heald, multi eye heddle length in the range of 1.5 meters, suitable for special fabric weaving (including 3D weaving), textile equipment use wire heald widely, the use of simple, ordinary soldering wire diameter 0.3mm, 0.4mm in addition, 0.5mm, 0.6mm, ceramic circle heddle.

      Multi Eyes Steel Wire Heald

      To measure the width of the center of the eye in multi ocular heald wires

      Multi eye wire heald and heald wire

      Multi eye wire heald heald eye arrangement, 1.8 meters long, arranged 81 heald eyes

      Measurement of intraocular length by wire heald

      Length measurement of heald wire (multi eyes)

      Textile equipment _ multi eye heddle

      A single stainless steel wire processing multi heald wire heald, steel wire diameter is coarse, generally selected range of 1.2mm-2.0mm, special diameter steel wire quantity (more than 200 thousand) can be customized processing.

      Stainless steel heald wire (multi eye heald)

      Textile equipment manufacturers professional supply, provide all kinds of steel wire heald (wire), multi eye heddle ensemble, ceramic ring and multi eye heddle, soldering wire heald, multi eye heddle, production and processing and textile equipment design, mold variety, full specifications, welcome to negotiate cooperation consultation!

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