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      Textile Hardware And Tools
      Textile Denting Hook,Textile Handicraft Tools
      Textile Denting Hook,Textile Handicraft Tools time:2022-08-08 18:12:39 click:11100 keywords:Denting Hook,Textile Tools,Hand Tools

      Textile reed cutter steel reed cutter (Textile Denting Hook,Textile Handicraft Tools) and cutting tool are mainly used in the preparation process of weaving production. Warp yarn passes through the loom reed in sequence. The reed cutter is a tool that can realize automatic displacement of reed teeth through rapid pulling or driving on reed teeth. The types of reed cutter are generally divided into 40, 60, 80, 100, etc. Its type ascending order and the sequence of reed number of textile steel are similar. Similarly, high-density reeds use high-grade reed cutters, and reed blades are very thin.

      60# denting hook tools

      Textile denting hook(reed cutter) has high efficiency in production and use. It shuttles between the reed teeth (sheets) of adjacent reeds, and can move left and right orderly and steadily.

      textile denting hook Equipment and tools

      Packaging of textile reed cutters: 10pcs/bag, 20pcs/box and 300pcs/box. It is relatively comfortable to hold plastic handle. The products are usually in blue, red, pink, green and so on.

      Reed blade of denting hook

      The bending part of the reed cutter is quenched. Its bending design is mainly used for hanging on the reed of the loom. It is convenient to record the position of the reed in the middle of threading and can be operated directly when it is used.

      denting hook equipment

      Scope of use:

      Reeds under  No.28 are made of 40 # denting hook.

      Textile reeds between 28 to 60 use No.60 denting hook;

      Reeds between No.60 and No.100 use 80 denting hook.

      The British reed with reed number over No.100 uses No.100 or 120denting hook.

      textile denting hook tools

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