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      Textile Auxiliary Equipment
      Textile Weft Machine Spindles Weft Winders
      Textile Weft Machine Spindles Weft Winders time:2022-08-08 18:30:08 click:10752 keywords:Weft Drop Machine,Textile Machine,Weft Winders

      Winding machine is also known as: weft falling machine, beating machine,Weft Winders,knitting machine; generally divided into ingot type and bowl type, ingot type is composed of spindle rod and spindle seat, spindle specifications 01 and 02, machine models G193, G203 and simple modification, the number of machine ingots from 48 to 200, the length of the fuselage increases according to the number of spindles.

      Imported weft winder

      Bowl drop weft machines are designed with 40 ingots and are formed by extruding weft yarns with two adjacent platforms of idlers.

      40 spindles Bowl weft winder machine

      The figure above is a 40-ingot bowl beater with 20 ingots on each side.

      Weft drop machine transportation

      Each weft-winding machine can meet the needs of 36 looms. It belongs to a simple weft-falling machine and a knitting machine.

      Warehouse of Weft Dropping Machine

      Warehouse for storage of several bowl-type weft winders

      G193 weft drop machine

      The spindle weft winder (Model 02) rotates the spindle with high speed by rolling disc and spindle belt. It needs manual intubation and extubation when installing the spindle and filling the ear.

      Spindle of weft winder

      Old spindles of model 01 weft winder, textile auxiliary equipment - weft winder, beater, weft drop machine, supplier of jacket car - Huixian Xinda Textile Accessories Company.

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