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      Shuttle Loom Parts
      China Shuttle Loom Parts F16D
      China Shuttle Loom Parts F16D time:2022-08-08 17:28:17 click:8196 keywords:Loom Parts,Shuttle Loom,F16,Textile Accessories

      The accessories of shuttle loom F16 are the shuttle-throwing parts of china loom 1511, 1515, GA615 and other models. The accessories of loom F16 are fixed on the rocker shaft with the cross leg F16, the inner hole is 38mm, the other end is connected with F18, the aperture is 22mm, and the two inner holes are cruciform. The material of loom F16 is made of ductile iron (red) and gray iron HT15-32 (green).

      F16 Textile Accessories

      Product processing plane is flat, oil hole is positioned directly above, used to lubricate F18 shuttle plate screws, 30 pieces/bag, 500 pieces/box, the above picture is normal type.

      Accessories for loom F16D

      The above picture is thickened and heavy, and the moulds used for sand turning are different, the products are all green paint color, hand press the side plate head, push the shuttle rod to the middle of the shuttle box bottom plate K14 or 3307 long groove, try to put the shuttle rod forward, in order not to touch the front edge of the tank, feel the shuttle rod flexible, pull the two fastening screws of the loom F16.

      shuttle loom parts F16D

      The depth of the worn groove on the surface of loom F16 accessories (where hanging F34 or F35 springs) is ≤2.5mm, and the clearance between the screw core of shuttle plate (F18 or F18A) is ≤0.4mm.

      F16 Accessories for fully automatic loom

      The outer diameter of 2108 barrel of GA615 is 35 mm, and the outer diameter of column of fixed spring F34 is 16 mm. It is connected with 3201 rocker shaft of loom.

      Shuttle loom accessories F16

      If you need to purchase cross gun foot, loom F16, loom accessories, cross gun foot, etc., please contact Xinda Textile Machinery accessories.

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