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      Textile Accessories
      Shuttle Loom F4 Picking Nose Accessories
      Shuttle Loom F4 Picking Nose Accessories time:2022-08-08 17:05:53 click:4991 keywords:Picking Nose,F4, Loom Accessories, Shuttle Loom Nose

      Loom F4 pick nose fittings mainly for 1511, 1515, G611, GA615 models have woven machine, belongs to the general parts, loom fittings F4 102 mm long, 76 mm wide, flat surface has two use the carriage bolt on the side panel Q12 or 3302 square hole, on both sides of the nose with cold hard processing, increase the wear resistance, used in weaving machine pick device is a function of products, depending on its kumite picking force.

      F4 textile accessories processing

      The material of shuttle nose of the weaving machine F4 is ht20-40,10 / string, and the convex surface of shuttle nose F4 is worn flat (it should be changed when the convex wear width reaches 9.5mm), which will make the shuttle drop action weak and slow, or the shuttle drop movement is insufficient.

      Textile machine accessories F4

      Missing Angle two places are not allowed, the arc oblation at the action place is greater than 9.5mm, it should be used in reverse or on both sides. Weaving machine F4 shuttle nose accessories are divided into two materials: pig iron and ductile iron (red), pig iron is generally used ht15-33 or ht20-40, ductile iron USES manganese steel ratio gray iron and other materials, enhance wear resistance.

      Loom F4 shuttle nose accessories

      Textile machinery accessories, loom F4 shuttle nose and shuttle nose accessories thickened type is shown in the figure above, adding thickness can extend its service life, textile accessories F4 shuttle accessories, woven fabric machine sand casting accessories are provided by huixian xinda textile accessories.

      GA615 loom parts F4 shuttle nose

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