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      Textile Accessories
      Loom Fittings F18 Dabber Of Picking Stick
      Loom Fittings F18 Dabber Of Picking Stick time:2022-08-08 17:23:50 click:6371 keywords:Loom F18, Weaving Machine, Shuttle Loom Parts

      Huixian xin da textile accessories for Loom Fittings F18 Dabber of Picking Stick wholesale screw spindle machining, loom F-18s picker screw core materials for steel 20, is quick-wear part of loom fittings, F18A accessories wholesale processing according to F-18s overall length 176 mm, the tail shaft is 116 mm long and 22 mm in diameter, use 2 a looms, are located on both sides of the loom the outer edge of the wall, and F16D connection to use, the use requirements of the loom f-18s accessories: traverse around 0.4 mm or less (core F18A F16 and cross gun foot clearance).

      shuttle loom parts F18

      The above picture is the finished product processed by the integrated unit, the product is smooth and clean, the screw adopts M20 flat head, convenient to connect with the F14/F15 tip cap, the fixed aperture of the tip rod needs to be changed to big hole.

      Textile machinery accessories F18

      Range of accessories for loom F18, loom and loom:1511, 1515, GA615, G611, etc.

      F18 Shuttle rod mandrel

      Textile machinery accessories wholesale, there are shuttle loom accessories processing, textile small steel pieces yuan car processing - provided by xinda textile accessories, 50 pieces/bale, weight about 25 kg, F18 and F18A difference: F18 shaft head M16, F18A shaft head diameter is M20.

      Spare parts for loom F18A

      Loom F18, loom, loom accessories - huixian xinda textile machinery accessories co., LTD.

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